Why Choose Kids ‘R’ Kids

Franchisor’s Experience: 30 + Years!
Name Recognition
Proven Operating System
Real Estate Part of Business
Training & Support

1. Company Privately Held

  • Family Owned and Managed
  • Child’s interest comes first
  • Not in demand of investors or private equity

2. Top Line Annual Revenue

  • Top 1/3 – $2,143,958
  • Average – $1,520,285


The data above has been generated using weekly reports of gross sales submitted by our franchisees. Our franchisees entered all data into these reports according to guidelines we provide. We have not audited or verified these reports nor have we asked questions of the submitting franchisees to determine whether they are in fact accurate and complete, although we have no information or other reason to believe that they are unreliable. We did not use any reports that were incomplete. The data also does not include franchisees that failed to submit complete reports when we prepared this information. Substantiation for the data contained in Item 19 will be made available to you by us upon reasonable request. Except as set forth in this Item 19 or any information we may provide in a FTC Supplemental Financial Performance Representation Disclosure Document, we do not make any representations about a franchisee’s future financial performance or the past financial performance of company owned or franchised outlets. We also do not authorize our employees or representatives to make any such representations either orally or in writing. If you are purchasing an existing outlet, however, we may provide you with the actual records of that outlet. If you receive any other financial performance information or projections of your future income, you should report it to the franchisor’s management by contacting David Vinson, 1625 Executive Drive South, Duluth, Georgia 30096, Telephone 800-279-0033, the Federal Trade Commission, and the appropriate state regulatory agencies.

3. Real Estate Systems

  • Site Selection Process- Utilize National Real Estate Firm knowledgable in industry and Kids ‘R’ Kids
  • Full Real Estate Brokerage Services
  • Comprehensive start-up process with strong owner communication and involvement

4. Design and Construction

  • Design Center- Finish Selections
  • Assigned Design and Construction Coordinator
  • Design-Bid-Build Process

5. Facility

  • Custom designed building for learning academy
  • Attractive, bright, modern and efficient design
  • Large licensing capacity of 250 to over 400
  • Large enough for revenue potential
  • Manageable size for superior customer service and program execution
  • Advance Safety and Security Features

6. Financial Assistance

  • Initial and Ongoing 3rd Party Lender Referrals- New and Refinance
  • SBA Registry Franchisor
  • Preferred franchisor status with national lenders

7. Training and Support Services

  • Thorough training
    • Phase I -Business Start-up training Held at Support Center
    • Phase II –  Day to Day Operations Training Class   During Construction- Held at Support Center
    • Phase III – Key Personnel training- Held On Site pre-opening
  • On-going- On site and Regional training- Quality Assurance, Education, and Business Diagnostics and Best Practices

Operations Support

  • Experienced Region Team to support you
    • Regional Manager
    • Region Operations Consultant
    • “Go to Person” Accountability for your success
    • On-Site visits and 24/7 accessability

8. State Licensing Support

  • Initial Licensing support
  • Quality Assurance reviews and consulting to assist with licensing compliance

9. Education Program

  • Proprietary Curriculum
  • Supplemental Curriculum
  • Teacher lesson plan
  • 6 wks. – 12 yrs. Core Curriculum
  • Pre-School Program
  • After School Program
  • STEAM AHEAD® Curriculum

10. Accreditations

  • AdvancED Corporate Accreditation
  • Support for School to achieve accreditation
  • Multiple choices for accreditations

11. Marketing

  • Initial marketing plan
    • Pre-opening through Grand opening
  • Local marketing plan to acquire and retain customers
  • Social Media and Digital marketing program
  • Website
    • Customized local content
  • Public Relations
    • Brand and Local PR


12. Franchise Advisory Committees

  • Several different functional area committees for Franchisee involvement and input

13. Franchising Expertise

  • Kids ‘R’ Kids is a member of the Southeast Franchise Forum (SEFF), the nations leading regional franchising trade association and the International Franchise Association (IFA), the world’s definitive franchising trade association.


14. Childcare Industry Expertise

  • Kids ‘R’ Kids is a member of several State and National Industry trade associations that promote quality standards, government relations, sound business practices  and the growth of the childcare industry.
    Click here to see our current memberships.


Meaningful ROI


Superior Facility


Superior Education Program


Superior Support Center Staffing


Superior Training & Support



Request for Consideration

This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. Franchise offerings are made by the Franchise Disclosure Document only. We will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your state.