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The Early Childhood Education and Childcare Industry Continues to Show GREAT Promise

Take Control of Your Future…
While Benefitting from a Growing Industry

At Kids ‘R’ Kids, our franchisees come from a wide variety of industries. While some have a background as educators, many boast careers that were entirely unrelated to education. Their former titles include engineers, corporate executives, physicians, entrepreneurs and hospitality specialists, among others. A large number of them were introduced to the Kids ‘R’ Kids’ concept when they enrolled their children with us. After falling in love with our culture, curriculum and concept and ultimately making the choice to become a Kids ‘R’ Kids franchisee, they found that the rewards were great – and not merely in terms of the fulfilling nature of their work.

With nearly 62% of families with children supported by dual-income parents who work outside of the home, the need for quality childcare has never been greater. And with families staying in their homes for an average of 13 years, the desire to enlist the aid of an excellent childcare provider they can trust for their children from infancy through after school care is a high priority for many parents. It’s no wonder why the early childhood education and childcare industry continues to grow – making it a wise investment for aspiring business owners.

Top Five Reasons

to invest in a Childcare Provider that puts an emphasis on Early Childhood Education:

90% of brain development occurs before the age of five.

Kids ‘R’ Kids’ exclusive Infant, Toddler Preschool and Pre-K curriculums all feature activities and exercises engineered to maximize brain development in the children we serve.

Future learning and success is best built during the first eight years of a child’s life.

Enrollment at Kids ‘R’ Kids is open to children aged 6 weeks through 12 years, meaning we can play an impactful role in building and reinforcing that solid foundation through our early childhood education curriculums, after school program and even summer camp.

Early childhood education helps kids attain cognitive, physical, and social-emotional skills for life.

In just about everything we do – from time in the classroom to recess on the playground to mealtime in our kid-sized cafeteria – all activities are designed to encourage the cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development of the children Kids ‘R’ Kids serves.

Long-term economic impact associated with graduating high school, attending post-secondary school, and owning assets.

By fostering a love of learning from an early age, Kids ‘R’ Kids is helping set children up for educational success in kindergarten and beyond, effectively increasing the likelihood that they will one day graduate high school and college – going on to do great things. Our proprietary Steam Ahead curriculum emphasizes elements of science, technology, engineering, art and math – all identified as industries that will hold key jobs of the future. We endeavor to ignite passions that could help pave the way to a successful adulthood.

Early childhood education promotes healthy and thriving communities.

In addition to playing an integral role by caring for and educating the children of families within the community, a successful childcare and early childhood education facility like Kids ‘R’ Kids will help fuel the local economy, serve as a place for parents to connect and encourage children to treat one another, their elders and property with caring and respect. In turn, the children we serve will one day go on to contribute to society and their local community.


While there are a number out there that serve as glorified “daycare” facilities, a select few emphasize early childhood education with thoughtfully written curriculums, highly trained teachers, healthy doses of digital learning and more. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies is proud to be among them!